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Building Brand Equity on Amazon

15 May Building Brand Equity on Amazon

Customers view Amazon as a one-stop shop for all their buying needs. With an immense marketplace at their fingertips, consumers know that they can find anything their heart desires. Once they type their request into the search bar they discover exactly what they want, multiple versions of it, and competitive prices. As a platform driven by the customer experience, Jeff Bezos established the premise that buyers will always get the best deal with the utmost convenience, consistently exceeding expectations. How a seller positions themselves in this market is a crucial component.

The Brand Equity Piece of the Equation

Brand equity is how you present yourself at both the product and seller level, how you interact with customers and how you handle the numerous issues that face all brands in the e-commerce space. It basically boils down to how you truly set yourself apart from the inevitable competition.

Your listing speaks volumes! Painting the picture for your customer is an essential element to success on Amazon. Does the content speak to them, giving them a clear understanding of what they are looking at? Do the photos allow them to envision how your product fits their everyday life? Do they see the inherent value in what you are offering? Titles with keywords, relatable descriptions and lifestyle images are all tools at your disposal to convert the shopper into a customer.

Ok so now you have created an unbeatable listing and have their attention, now what?

What do your customers say about you?

Do your customers rave about your products? Generating reviews is a vital aspect of the Amazon Marketplace. Buyers use those stars as a measuring stick to gauge where their money is best spent. Enhancing brand equity means enhancing customer experience in a way that encourages them to share with the rest of the internet world just how much they like you… or don’t!

Now of course the goal is to provide a product and experience that garners 4 and 5 star reviews, but what happens when expectations fall short and your left with negative reviews? A friendly reminder, no response is still is a response…

Building these reviews takes both time and effort, but is well worth the investment. Consumers want to know that if they speak up, their voice will be heard. This is where so many companies fall sort within their Amazon presence. Do you have a post purchase follow sequence established? Making your customer feel appreciated and assuring them that any potential concerns will be addressed will truly set you up for success.

What about the customers that aren’t buying your products directly from you?

While you as brand may be providing quality products and exceptional customer service, you still need to safeguard yourself against the inevitable third party sellers that jump on your listing and leach sales from your brand and violate MAP. How are you handling this? Do you go above and beyond to protect your brand representation?
This is where a brand needs to step in address the possibility of customer confusion, counterfeit products and a loss of control of brand perception. Working with Amazon directly, your distribution channel, and even a legal team may all be necessary to ensure that you control the brand you have worked so diligently to create and protect the trust and loyalty of your customer base.


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