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Amazon is the Place to Be!

24 May Amazon is the Place to Be!

What Everybody (Especially Brands) Ought to Know About Amazon

Amazon is the ultimate online retail destination where, customers, big brands and newbie entrepreneurs like FBA sellers meet to do eCommerce.

Here are some freaking unfathomable facts about Amazon you need to know:

• Market value surpasses Walmart by approx. 20 billion
• Amazon market value is 5 times that of Target
• 54 million Prime customers spend $99 for free shipping (they then spend over $625 per year on average) according to Business Insider.

The doors to this online store are not closing but yours might if you aren’t a part of this.

Amazon figured out the pain points that consumers had with online shopping. It then bundled the solutions into one package that is Prime. With a 35% increase in signups since 2015 it is working.

If you want some of this behemoth pie (heck, a crumb or two will do) then get your products on Amazon FBA. Amazon raked in $107 billion in revenue in 2015. How much of that was your brand?

Instant Credibility with 100 million Monthly Visitors (What’s the Catch?)

That’s what you get when you follow the listing rules and get your products live on Amazon. Simply being on their eCommerce platform alongside big brands makes you a reputable business. Furthermore, you are now part of the purchase options that these eager paying customers are considering.

Throw in some reviews and you are now an established brand in the eyes of 304 million Amazon shoppers worldwide.

Yes, you can launch your own online store with Shopify, Woocommerce, Big Commerce or any of the other countless eCommerce platforms. However, to do so in the hopes of saving money or keeping more of your profits is foolhardy.

Do you think Amazon commissions and fulfillment fees are too high? Try doing all the work yourself or by using third-party vendors. You will quickly see that fees and headaches add up.

Launching on Amazon, even with a Pro Seller account is the most cost-effective way to get into online selling today.

The Secret of Amazon’s Success (There is No Catch)

Customers get a chance to buy everything under the sun at a good price, with fair or free shipping and enjoy industry leading customer service.

Brands get in front of a massive audience that is just one-click away from adding your items to their cart. No heavy lifting for you quite literally, as Amazon FBA takes care of the rest. No catch, no hidden fees and the batteries to this business opportunity are included.

Trust, trust, trust! Customers have all the faith in the world that Amazon has their back when it comes to prices, returns, and customer service.

Interested in getting your brand started?

Wondering if Amazon makes sense for your company?

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